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Information on Pontoon Boats in Australia

Pontoons are a special kind of boat that depend heavily on floats to float and navigate over water surfaces. Australia has quite several water bodies where several people with different watercraft equipment enjoy themselves.

Pontoon is one of the most luxurious watercraft and provides as much comfort as possible. They also vary in shapes and sizes, depending on the user’s preferences. In this article, we will look at the information on custom made pontoons and their advantages.

Features of an excellent pontoon boat

The following are some of the best features of a right pontoon that make them perform at their best while in use:

Improved tube shapes – Nowadays, designers are coming up with new forms and techniques of designing the tubes for the pontoon. It helps to improve its efficiency and performance while in water. For example, a V-like tubing makes the boat more stable and easy to navigate on the water surface.

An elevated helm – Before the helms were elevated, drivers had a difficult time to get a clear vision of their sight due to obstacles caused by the people on board.

Rotationally moulded seats – These seats are durable and come in different sizes and shapes. They are easy to maintain and can last for a long time. Besides, they provide space underneath for storage of commodities without causing strain to the person sitting.

Centre tubing – Before modern pontoons, there were only two tubes on the boat. This made it impossible for the pontoon to make sharp turns or even move at great speed. However, the introduction of a central tube helped to support the boat when turning and also provides stability when the pontoon is moving fast.

The use of aluminium in the development of the pontoon –The first pontoons were made out of steel, which is a heavy metal compared to aluminium. As a result, the pontoon produced was heavy. It was also challenging to get the desired shape of the pontoon out of steel. However, a great mind invented an aluminium pontoon, which was easy to shape up, and also light to navigate on water bodies with minimum risks of accidents.

The introduction of lifting strakes – These devices help to raise the boat on the water and make it attain great speed with minimum friction drag on the water. It is one of the significant inventions that gave the pontoon its great reputation.

Why are pontoon boats popular in Australia?

Pontoons are very popular in Australia, and here are some of the main reasons:

It has massive storage space – These boats have plenty of room for storing tools and commodities such as wares, foodstuffs, blankets, and other things that are necessary for the people on board. Moreover, they accommodate more people than other means of watercraft.

It has a longer lifespan – Because they do not need regular maintenance since they are durable, they do not tend to change in their maintenance requirements over time.

It is easy to customise – Pontoons provide space where a user can easily modify them to make them how they want them to be. For instance, a user can add headlights, speakers, and other amenities.

It is easy to drive – They are also a reasonable consideration for beginners since they are easy to master.

They are safe to drive – Because of their overall size, pontoons are safe to operate since they rarely flip on water.

Most people in Australia prefer pontoons to other means of water transportation, keeping in mind their many benefits. Custom pontoon by Pacific Pontoons are one of the best in the market.

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